Empower yourself through Financial Investments

“Forget purpose. It’s okay to be happy without one. The quest for a single purpose has ruined many lives.”

Why should u invest?

Everyone… and I mean EVERYONE want to make a decent Living. People want to know and learn about what they have todo achieving that. What are the best Investment Opportunities and what to avoid.

One of the most common Questions from a beginner is “What are the must have stocks for 2018…and the must-follow sectors.”

I purchased for more than 9000$ “James Altucher Secret Income & Altucher Alliance Notes “, just to learn about exactly this Topic, so I come able to share with you some Insights.

Some folks at home might even recognize James from his appearances on Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN or Fox News.

“Diversification is everything. You get past “this” by having lots of “that”s.”

I talked a lot with you guys in the Chat about such Topics. Even MyDays X is a Period & Ovulation Calendar, it is just the starting point for Women who want to take their Life in their own hands.

Diversification is really everything. It is valid in your Finances, Relationships, and Health.
What do I mean by that? In Relationships, it is important to avoid the boredom of ‘always the same’, in health, you have to look for a variety of food and nutrition and in Finances its all about ‘don’t put all your assets in one pot!”

As Relationships can make your life fulfilled, Nutritions give you the daily boost and the Financial Aspect is there to allow you to finance your daily needs that have to be paid by Money. Your Rent, your Food, Holidays, the School for your Kids and so on.

I can not point enough on the importance of gaining control of your Finances. There is no one Rule for everyone and learning about the topic itself is the goal, not a vision in the future.

In a Seminar by Tony Robbins in Whistler, I remember it was about Finances and the Money Game.
After several Millionaire, Investors and Billionaire did present their point of how the World of Money does work, we came to the conclusion, Nobody, None, Narda, does know exactly how the Money Game works! Everyone brings in his own philosophy and experience, but overall, the only golden Rule of the Game is “If you are not in the Game you are out, only if you are in the Game you can benefit“.

What does that mean?
For example the Stock Market.

If anyone would know exactly if the Market goes up or down, he would be the Richest Man on Earth. Even the best Investors make more Mistakes than most people are even willed to take. Just playing the game, learning every day, risking every day a portion of their available assets, brings them success in the longterm.

If they would hide home and not do anything, they would not have the success many have. Also, each Trader has his own strategy.

Thats the Insight you may get. Just start, start small, get your experiences, be in the Game, not out of the Game.

This so far the Overall Message for today. Bellow is a more detailed Message from Alan Knuckman about his Predictions for 2018

Alan Knuckman wrote:

“2017 was a fantastic year for traders. For instance, one of the premium research services I publish, The 42 Day Retirement Plan, went an astounding 11 for 11 on closed trades in 2017.

Those are hot results. And you know what’s really crazy? I think 2018 could be even hotter!

That’s why your Editor, Sean McCloskey asked me to share a few of my 2018 predictions with you today.

Let’s get to it…

2018 Prediction #1 — The Dow Will Reach 30,000

That’s right, I expect the second-longest bull market in history to continue into this new year.

The Dow Jones Industrial Index is now within 21% of the 30,000 milestone which is very achievable after returning 25% in 2017.

With earnings season on the horizon, it won’t be long before the Dow trades through that level. In fact, the last two earnings seasons have produced historically high numbers and I expect the figures announced this month to be even higher due to the projections that include the new tax law.

So don’t take yourself out of the game just yet, this bull market has still got legs.

Because the Dow is a price-weighted index, look for high priced (but low valued) stocks to get us to that $30,000 mark. One that I have my eye on right now is Goldman Sachs (GS).

Remember, any bearish market predictions have been squashed since 2009. And here in 2018 there’s no reason to “go out on a limb” and call a top. The trend is moving higher…keep on profiting while it does!

2018 Prediction #2 — Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Will Heat Up

In December alone…

  • Disney acquired major assets from 21st Century Fox
  • Campbell Soup bought snack-maker Snyder’s-Lance Inc.
  • Boeing announced they’re in talks to acquire Brazilian rival Embraer
  • And Penn National Gaming bought Pinnacle Entertainment

Along with many other major deals!

This is an extremely healthy sign for the market. It tells us that companies do not believe there is an upcoming stock stall. Otherwise, they would wait to acquire these companies at a cheaper price in the future.

And with the Republican tax plan now allowing corporations to repatriate trillions of dollars in overseas cash, expect much of it to be used for mergers and acquisitions.

2018 Prediction #3 — The Oil Rally Continues

WTI crude oil just passed $60 per barrel for the first time since 2015 and I believe this is just the beginning.

As my readers know well, once the $45 to $55 trading range was broken on the high side, $65 became the new trading target — and I expect that mark to be reached in the near-term.

That was now quite a long Excerpt from one of Alan’s Newsletters. I wanted to share this with you, so you hear one perspective from one of the really successful traders.

Anyhow remember, this here are no financial Advices!
The only recommendation is to start investing.
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Update 2019:
In Review, Alan was not as much on Point as he thought.
Best Example that even the best Traders are not Fortune Tellers. If u invested in a broad Range of Products overall you would have gained a better Return of Investment than you would probably got with just letting your Money sit in the Bank.