what’s the difference between a belief and a fact? 

Here’s a question for you: what’s the difference between a belief and a fact?
The difference is this, your beliefs are not facts! Your beliefs are assumptions based on your past experience and knowledge. For instance, you believe that you won’t find true love. Is that a fact? Can you say with absolute certainty that you will never find true love?
Of course not. You can’t possibly know who you are going to meet in the future. So what’s the truth?
The truth is that you are still waiting to come upon that true love. That’s the truth.
In life, we routinely convince ourselves that what we believe is a fact. When we do this what we’re actually doing is cutting ourselves off from learning the truth about ourselves, a person, people or situation.
Learning to differentiate between fact and fiction will not only change the story you keep telling yourself, it will change your life.
So, with that said, what are some of the beliefs that you have about life right now?
How about, “I won’t fall pregnant”. Is that a belief or a fact? Unless you have been clinically told that it is impossible for you to have a baby, is it true that you “won’t fall pregnant”? The answer of course is No.
The question then has to be, “well, what’s the truth?”
The truth is:
“I am stressed out”
“I know that stressing does not help me to conceive as it affects my hormonal balance”
“I am impatient”
“I am frustrated”
“I am upset that others are conceiving when I have not as yet”
Now that you know the truth, what choice are you going to make to get the outcome you desire?
Take 5 minutes to jot down all the thoughts that are flying around your mind from the “I have to be …” to the “I can’t because….” and ask yourself, “what’s the truth?”
Your brain is always working against you, it’s up to you to filter out the noise and focus on what’s real.
Blessings be to all,