Work where you wanna work!

For Years I worked from home and often complained that I didn’t get the focus and concentration I looked for.
I  blamed it on my Wife and Toddler that they disturb me too often. Also, I couldn’t really accept that, as much I love to have my little Daugther around me and when my Wife asks me 3-4 Times something within 6 Hours or aks for a short help, shouldn’t also be the real reason.

I just couldn’t help it, something always took my concentration and I didn’t get the inspiration feeling I was looking for.

My Work is mainly in developing new Applications, writing some code, getting my tasks organized and keeping the connection to my team that works internationally. There was no need for a real big office just sitting alone within myself.

Possible a shared Office would be the Solution. I thought a small room, possibly with a couch, would be great.
So I would have my creative chills and also the peace needed to do my work.

Prices in Munich where 400Euro or more sitting in a big Office, where I just would have a table between all other Guys.
Yeah, maybe that’s creative, also no, somehow I couldn’t imagine myself there. A small Room just for myself would be also available, but no Couch and really just 10sqm or so. Sitting again in a box.


So I asked myself:

What Do I really wanna do?

How would I really like to work?

Answer: I wanna sit and work at a place I feel comfortable and in peace, where I have space to look not just one meter further, instead of an environment where I come inspired.
Sure where I have a good Internet and also possible some food and even a printer when needed.

I stopped thinking in the normal Term of OFFICE. Instead, I really looked for a place where I may get what I am looking for.

And then it came easy.  While walking in the Area I found a nice Hotel “Motel One” in  Munich, with a great Meeting Area, beautiful Couch, Restaurant and fast Wifi.

That’s it, no need to look further.

I got a virtual Fireplace and come served 1st Class. Sometimes People say hello, I have books around to read.

Financial Side:

When I look into the finances, that I am here approx 15 Days a Month, it costs me 150Euro (Food)

This may not the perfect Place for everyone, for me, it’s just amazing.



We often think to narrow. We have a Pre-Image in our Head how something has to be.
In my Case, an Office had to be either a big place where many people work in the same room or a small tiny box where u sit alone.

Instead when we look more on our NEEDS and forget all our experiences how something HAS to be.
We finally can find what we are really looking for.

That’s valid in many other areas. How we wanna live. What Car (Transportation) we wanna have. How we raise our Kids.
Feel free to share your experience and Ideas how to do things DIFFERENTly.