Backup from/to PC

The new My Days X Version (not now available for MyDays Standard on Android)
does offer the cool Feature to upload a Backup directly to your PC (not need to save your Data in the Net) and also simply restore a Backup on your PC back again to your iOS Device.

How to:

1. Your Mobile has to be connected in the same Wifi network as your PC

2. Go into MyDays -> Preferences -> Backup

3. Connect from your PC Browser to the IP as it appears on your iPhone

4. Now you can choose to Download your actual MyDays Data
OR upload a Backup File stored on your PC.

Remember: You have to keep the BACKUP Screen on your iPhone open till your Backup/Restore is done successfully.

5. You can also import Android MyDays Backups. In that case each user you saved comes added to your existing iPhone database. Simple copy the backup file from your sdcard (in the root of your sdcard “yourusename.myd”) onto your PC.