Shouldn’t Orgasm be EASY??

Ready to have multiple orgasms, live your most secret desires, and boost your connection? Are you ready to be confident in the bedroom and feel sexier? Then let’s get started.


  • Orgasmic Facts
  • Going beyond the clit
  • My real yoni massage experience ((video))
  • The pleasure of Orgasmic Touch
  • 7+ types of orgasms!

So let’s look at the Stats


  • 95% of Men orgasm
  • 57% of Women orgasm
  • 15% of women have multiple orgasms
  • 67% of women fake orgasm

We live in a “swipe right” hookup culture. Tinder and bumble dominate the dating scene. Only 11% percent of women reach orgasm through online dating! That sucks!
Let’s explore how to change this statistic NOW!


Go beyond the Clit

I thought I knew what orgasm was after years of playing with the clit. I was regularly  having the famous 10-20 second orgasm. Then something shifted, I started working with an amazing sex couch! I learned how to be multi-orgasmic and have LONG LASTING PLEASURE!


Next, the pleasure of Orgasmic Touch!

Yoni or Vaginal Massage is a great way to receive and feel the orgasmic energy flowing through your body. Make the time and care for yourself. You will be happy you did.

This practice builds deeper connection and trust. You can share your desires, what you like and what can be improved while exploring. Each time we practice a form of EROTIC MASSAGE we become more sensitive to touch – thus more ORGASMIC!!!

~ Watch this short (2 min) video on the Orgasmic Touch massage & how I experienced FEMALE EJACULATION ~ aka SQUIRTING! ~

(So, ya that was vulnerable to share!)  I trust as we learn to love honestly, open up truthfully and connect deeply our lives will transform!

Sex is not a sprint ~ think MARATHON

  1. Give your clit a break, give it a rest (or only indirect touch) to start feeling different types of orgasm. The body will start moving energy in new ways and start feeling more orgasmic.  End the chase, enjoy the waves!
  2. Take a vacation from the vibrator – Yes they are AMAZING – however no human can truly create those sensations.  Let’s play in the real world and give ourselves and partners a chance. This is a diet, it doesn’t have to be forever. Once the orgasmic energy starts moving in our bodies, the vibrator honestly doesn’t stand a chance.
<< Yoni Eggs in Rose Quartz, Obsidian & Jade >>

3. NEW TOY! Yoni egg! These powerful tools build strength in your vulva. The egg can be inserted and squeezed activating your inner muscles. The egg can also be squeezed deep inside towards your cervix and pushed out. There is a lot of information out there on how to master the yoni egg. However, with stronger and alive vaginal muscles you and your partner both will start feeling more pleasure during sex.


A fun way to practice and build sensitivity is to invite your partner to place a finger or two at the entrance of your vagina. Try alternating between squeezing and pushing to bring the finger inside slowly. I was amazed by what I felt when doing this practice!   

***True story – I would try to squeeze and he would tell me, “that’s pushing” and visa versa. You will get it, just understand these are muscles we have not consciously created memory for – YET!

SQUEEZING (KEGEL) WORKOUT – Every time you go pee for the next month see how many times you can stop/start your stream, try to get to 20, 50 and finally 100 pulses. This will train your body how to flex the INNER VAGINAL muscles. (do not do when you have any infections or problems)

Once there is strength you can do the same with a lingam/penis inside. ((great technique to get your partner excited!))

PUSHING ROUTINE– Now that you got the squeeze down, feel what is happening when you allow yourself to pee without pulsing. These are the same muscles used when pushing from the cervix outward.

You can try this in the bedroom as well. Try to push the penis out of your vagina using your own strength. Allow your belly to soften during this exercise. If you are having trouble keeping the belly soft, really feel what is happening the next time you have to tinkle. Can you push the stream out fast? Those are the muscles we are looking to use, strengthen ‘n sensitize. You will also feel this muscle activate when you laugh, cough or sneeze.  Don’t have a penis? Use a skinned organic cucumber instead.


Did you know there are 7+ different types of orgasms we can feel in our bodies. Take a second, can you name 7? I couldn’t either. However, once I knew (and after all the practice above) I began to experience them!

1. Clit

This type of orgasm, many of us have experienced and chased ‘till the sun comes up. Clitoral is a PEAKING orgasm, one that takes us high and drops us low. This is an important orgasm to know how to stimulate to get the juices running. The idea is to pause before you go over the edge and touch other areas of your vagina and body to keep riding the pleasurable waves to the next level! Next, move into another erogenous zone on the body to keep the orgasmic energy flowing. ((Learn about the Erogenous Zones in the Orgasmic Touch Online Course))

2. Breast

On way to start feeling turned on is through our breasts. Breast are directly connected to our hearts. There are thousands of nerve endings around the nipple, breast and areola!  This is a great zone to love up to get the arousal high and energy moving. start from the outside edges of the breast, then slowly move towards the nipple. Build the desire and intensity slowly. Enjoy!

3. Mouth

You can feel this orgasmic sensation by kissing, sucking or licking!  This is when you feel a zing of pleasure on your lips. Kiss softly and focus on your vagina. You may feel a yummy tingly feeling down there. That’s because they are connected! Let the arousal take you to the next level.

4. Mind

Ever felt turned on during a really juicy conversation with your partner? This is mental orgasmic stimulation. Keep going deeper until the slightest touch brings chills up your spine! If talking dirty does not suite you, find the language that does. Then keep going… your beginning a full-body orgasm!

5. Vagina ~ Yoni

A- Spot, G-spot, Vaginal, Inner/ Outer Lips can all experience orgasm! These are all locations that connect with the clitoral network and create rich orgasmic pleasure. Start by discovering your G-spot.

The G-stop- is directly up and inside the yonis front wall. Find your pubic bone – right under that bone it may feel like a small pee when you use your finger just a little ways inside. That is one spot to stimulate for female ejaculation! (way more to share about this in the Orgasmic Touch Course)

6. Cervix

This region needs a lot of TLC! It may feel a bit intense / numb when you start since it has not received so much attention. Give it some time to warm up and feel safe. This is very tender part of us. And, it can create amazing pleasure!

There are studies showing this orgasm creates deeper bonding with your partner.

You also can stay in the euphoric orgasmic states for longer periods of time!

Then right behind the cervix there is the P-spot, another delicate space to love up and explore!  You may need a toy or a partner to help you reach it.

7. Anal

This region can be very taboo! Break the stigma because you may be pleasantly surprised. The anus has just as many nerve endings as your entire vulva! Touch lightly/slowly (with lots of lubrication) and feel the entrance and just slightly inside. Be sure to clean your hands before playing with other areas. This can be a mind-blowing orgasm!

8. Bonus ~ Heart Orgasm

Some pleasure is experienced through authentic love and deep vulnerability. No touch to the sex center is needed for this kind of pleasure. This is an orgasm that is glowing right out of the heart. To get this profound level of pleasure I encourage you to check out the course that transformed my sex life! Created by!

Deva Presence at Orgasmic Heart helps people like us learn to become Super Orgasmic, Open our Hearts, and create long-lasting Lovemaking every day.

Curious? He offers free videos and a free guidebook to begin your journey as a multi-orgasmic Lover.

Thanks for reading my post and please feel free to comment below if you have any questions! ((Course currently has a coupon code for the next 3 days – save $100 code: WEBINAR-SPECIAL ))

<3 Christen

About the Author: Christen is traveling nomad, creating videos for activists, artists, musicians, teachers and world changers currently living in Veracruz, Mexico.