The empowered Woman, one crazy year of a Lifetime. My Relationship sucks, what can I do. Money is not my Priority, also I love financial Freedom. My Period kills me, 3 top tips how to overcome the pain.

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the empowered Woman (in short:  the happy Woman)
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One crazy year of a Lifetime
Last year I traveled with Tony Robbins in his Platinum Group throughout the World.
Fiji, Australia, USA, Hawaii, Europe, Asia. Studing about Relationships, Finances, Health and more. Jumped from a 134m Bridge, rode a Tec-Shark in New Zealand and met oustanding People like Bill Clinton, Siri Lindsey and many other.
In this Video I like to share a little bit about this amazing Experience.
And more to come, about the Places, People and Teachings.

My Relationship sucks, what can I do to fix it?
How good do you know your Partner?
Do you even know if he has a Sensual, Sexual, Energetic or Kinky Blueprint?
Do the free Test here.

Do the Test
Money is not my Priority, also I love financial Freedom.
Todo what you want, without to worry about how is possible, it only depends on your Mindset. Here some Techniqs that will help you to come in State..

Come in a beautiful State

My Period kills me, 3 top tips how to overcome the pain
You hardly can avoid them, also there are tools and techniqs to reduce the Pain.

Give it to me 🙂
Does anyone understand how to fullfill Woman needs?
There are many Wants we have, but not so many Needs. And they are quiet different for Man and Woman.

Let me know..

How comes a Guy creates a Period & Ovulation Calendar ?
This is one of the most common Questions I get asked. “How comes a Guy create such an App”
Here I wanna share with you this little Secret. Even its not really a Secret, just the true Story how it started.

Tell me…

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